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Basic Quest Information

A quest is just a fun way that I choose to reward repeat customers. Your challege, should you choose to accept it, is to collect the rewards stickers from our order freebies and attach them to your quest log. Once you have filled up your quest log, you can redeem it for an exclusive freebie.

Quest logs are offered as a free printable here on the website. If you do not have access to a printer, that's ok! Just request that I mail you one along with your next shipped order by leaving a note to seller at checkout.

Each quest log holds 6 rewards stickers. Once those 6 spots are filled, you can redeem your quest log for your freebie when you place your next (7th) order.

PLEASE NOTE: there are two different quests with two different rewards. Please only put the lightning bolt "Main Quest" rewards stickers on the "Main Quest Log". The pencil rewards belong to the "Side Quest" and are meant to be placed on the "Side Quest Log".

Feel free to reach out via the contact us page if you have further questions.

For the main quest, you simply collect 6 lightning bolt reward stickers from your order samplers and place them on your Main Quest Log. Once it is full, you are ready to redeem.

For the side quest, you must collect 6 different bonus reward stickers, once from each of our creative team members, and place them on your Side Quest Log. Once it is full, you are ready to redeem.

Please note that you can only request one "Side Quest" sampler per order.

Once you have filled up your Quest Log, you are ready to redeem! Please follow these steps to make the process go as smoothly as possible:

1. Leave a "note to seller" when placing your redemption order letting me know that you have completed either your Main or Side Quest Log and will be emailing it as soon as your order is placed.

2. Initial and Date the completed Quest Log and then email a photo to with "Quest Log Redemption" and your order number as the subject line.

It is best to do these two steps on the same day so that order fulfillment isn't delayed due to missing emails.

At this time, these quests are only available for physical items that I ship out to you. However, I am working on a digital only quest to reward my repeat digital customers as well. If you want to be among the first to know when this rolls out, please make sure you are following us on instagram and/or subscribed to our email newsletter.

Side quest (creative team members) links

Get your quest logs here:

Main quest/Journaling Card

Every order that we ship includes a journaling card that has a main quest log printed on the back. You can also purchase extras of past designs as they become available.

Journaling Cards

Printable Main Quest Log

Prefer to use your journaling cards in other ways? Want a smaller version of the quest log to slip into a planner pocket? We've got you covered with this main quest log printable!

Print Now

side quest logs

Print your own side quest log by clicking on the link below. Alternatively, you can request a printed version of the quest log with your next order by leaving a note to seller.

Get yours here