Quest log info

With each sheet of stickers you order, you are one step closer to completing your quest for free stickers! See details below for more information and instructions on how to redeem :]

Quest Log F.A.Q.

Unfortunately, no, at this time the quest log program is not compatible with digital orders. I'm sorry :(

Well look at you go, with your overachieving self! You absolutely can redeem more than one quest log at a time, but please note that each freebie you redeem for will be the same.

Each order shipped after 6/18/24 comes with a printed quest log. Additional printed Quest Logs can be purchased by going to "accessories" and then "art | journaling cards" in the website navigation menu. (Please note that this section does contain discontinued quest log prints from prior to the rewards system update. These will say "discontinued" in the listing and title, and are not eligible for the quest log rewards redemption program.

If you would prefer to print your own, please send an email to to request a printable version of the quest log and I will email you a printable file for personal use that includes just the quest log portion of the printed card's graphics.

Quest Log Rewards

So you may be asking yourself: "Self, what do I get when I redeem my completed quest log?" and tbh that's a good question. Each completed quest log can be redeemed for FREE STICKERS! Yup, that's right... F R E E, that spells free! You get an EXCLUSIVE freebie that isn't available for purchase in the shop! This freebie does change each quarter, for those who are habitual overachievers and fill up quest logs fast (and I'm here for it). I will announce the freebie on social media (see my instagram and my facebook group), when it changes, so be sure to look out for those posts!

How to redeem your Quest Log

Step 1: Collect the bolts

Each sticker sheet has a lightning bolt mini sticker in the top left corner of the page. You will need to collect a total of 15 of these lightning bolts to redeem your quest log for free stickers.

Step 2: Place Stickers

Also included with your order is a 4x6 art card. The front is a cute themed doodle/artwork that you can use however you choose, while the back has a thank you note and your quest log page.

Step 3: Place new order

Once you've filled up all 15 rewards spots, you can redeem your quest log with your next order! Please leave a note to seller when you order stating that you are redeeming a quest log for faster processing.

Step 4: Fill out card

Once you've placed your order, fill out the top of the rewards card with your name, the date the redemption order was placed, and the order number. Take a photo and email it to