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Cereal-sly Lucky Metal Bookmark


- Measures ~ 2" wide and 5.5" in height. 
- Material: Metal and Sublimation Printing

There is a pre punched hole on these bookmarks. While not pictured with a tassel, they will come with a thicker width chiffon ribbon tassel in a color chosen by the artist. You can choose to remove the tassel and/or change it yourself should you wish to do so.

Please note that colors may vary depending on your monitor. Great for holding your place when reading or as a place holder in your planner. 

Please note that as this is made out of metal, the edges could prove sharp if you push on them with your fingers and rub your fingers across them, the same way that paper can cause a paper cut. I have not had this issue happen to me when using them correctly, nor have I personally been able to replicate this happening when trying to test it, however I have seen people state that it has happened to them with other similar metal bookmarks so I wanted to be sure to mention that you should only use this bookmark as intended, and not as a fidget or any other use that entails rubbing your fingers across the edges.